Saturday, 17 March 2018

Extraneous Variables

I have just got my statment in for the Satalite program (Whitstable Biennale) in June.
This time I will convert my studio into an instalation with some interactive elements. Watch this space... Extraneous Variables is the title of the piece.

I am still working on the series of silkscreen prints. The ones in the last post are finsihed and I am now working on four other colourway prints. Another tree linocut is in progress as well.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Silkscreen prints/work in progress

I am enjoying the luxury of working on a series of prints entirely for my own development and experimentation. Hopefully when finished I will have a series of 6-8 individual prints in different colour combinations that will hang together as a series or be part of an installation. I hope that they will hang along side the prints for Beyond Reality exhibition and Fishy Busness Expo.

Again rather bad photographs of work in progress. The colours are not good and all the prints need additional work done to them.

I am also formulating an interactive instalation to be part of the Satalite programme in the Whitstable Biennalle this June. ... and I am back to doing some more lino cuts of trees; again for an installation which will be work in progress for some time...

Unfinished prints 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Art is something much more dangerous - Horsebridge Open Exhibition 2018

My installation called 'Home'. 

(Note that the pictures to each side are not part of my piece)


Friday, 22 December 2017

Resort Studios Christmas fair

I do like the atmosphere of markets and fairs and this one gave me the chance to do a couple of festive small pieces at giveaway Christmas prices.

And another linocut for my tree project. This one is a silver birch. It has been a two year break due to arthritis but I am now back on track. There is still a bit of cutting to do.

Travelling suitcase in Provence

It has been a while since my travelling suitcase exibition has has an outing. This time I took it to Provence and invited the inhabitance of a small town to interact with it. Adding objects if they so wished. It has expanded and now I have a second suitcase that I will start to introduce. It is exactly the same model and I look forward to expanding this project.
The first day of opening happened in semi darkness.

Then continued the following couple of days in day light ...

I couldn't resist adding a couple of new bits myself. To be used the next time it travels.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Open Studio

Doing open studios this year. Questioning 'Studio' as it no longer looks like one. The contents, that could be called mess and that are intrinsic to my creative process are now in my living room...
I am sharing my space with an artist friend Sarah Lancaster.

Beyond Reality

A rather late post with pictures of my installation for this exhibition. Installed in a given space on the day.